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This project is a first person exploration into what it is like being Kwame Ismail. Kwame is a known urban explorer, and often times while he explores, he listens to the music of his music producing friends. This project was Kwame's attempt to provide those who cannot explore with him, the opportunity to venture with him on his journey. There are videos and photo graphs with little dissection and interpretation, so you can peer through Kwame's eyes. He wants you to be inspired by the visuals and immersed in the music for an audio visual exploration of some of the places Kwame has been able wander around. The six minute juxtaposition is arbitrary in terms of actual significance, however it is important to note that 6 is the artist's favorite number.

Locations (Music Production):

Ciudad de México {Mexico City} (Alex Tha Lion)

القاهرة {Cairo} (Knox)

점 과 수원 {the DMZ & Suwon} (Mr. West Muzik)

北京 {Beijing} (Knox)

La Habana {Havana} (Alex Tha Lion)

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