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Jerrie Anderson:

Jerrie Anderson is an actress living in the DMV but originally from SoCal.

After getting her start in musical theatre, she took a break from acting to wanderlust. Once she moved to the DMV she got involved in classes at The Theatre Lab and is currently a member of The Actors’ Center.

She is always looking for a new creative challenge and has recently completed a starring role in her first short film. Currently she is in production of another short film.

In addition to acting, Jerrie also write things and is real great at watching stuff.

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The Color of Love                    Starring                              NVCC/ Dir. Zania Morgan and Rudy Telson


The Wiz                                   Evilene                                                    Lyceum Theatre, San Diego, CA


Into the Woods               Mysterious Man                                         Westview Theatre, San Diego,CA


Westward Ho!                Nat Turner Patio                                                     Playhouse, Escondido, CA


Black in China, “Black Travel Library”                   Self                                           Season 3, Episode 6

Black in China, “Dating While Black in China”     Self                                           Season 1, Episode 6

Black in China, “Advice”                                           Self                                          Season 1, Episode 8

Web Series

Irie D Works From Home            Creator, Writer, Lead                                                             Season 1

WHY DO?                                      Director, Cinematographer, Host                                        Season 1


Improv Introduction                             Dojo Comedy, Washington D.C.                  William Roughan

Intro to Acting for the Camera        The Theatre Lab, Washington D.C.          Brenna McDonough

Actions and Objectives                     The Theatre Lab, Washington D.C.               Michael Russotto

Beginning Scene Study                     The Theatre Lab, Washington D.C.                Jose Carrasquillo

Intro to Acting                                    The Theatre Lab, Washington D.C.                      George Grant




Languages: English (native), French (intermediate)
Instrumental Music: Bassoon, Clarinet
Administrative skills: Microsoft Office Suite

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