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Down But Not Out!

There is no easy way to put it, but Adrian Davis needs help. Legendary boxing trainer Adrian Davis whose trained champions from Sugar Ray Leonard to Hasim Rahman, William Joppy, Razor Ruddock and countless others has fallen on the hardest of times. Brenda, his lovely wife of 53 years—suffers from Stage 7 dementia; a debilitating disease that has robbed her of her most basic qualities of life; the abilities to eat, sleep, walk and even talk. Dementia has also robbed the Davis’ of their livelihood, as Brenda did the bookkeeping for the training facility. Some recently botched financial ventures could possibly cost the Davis’ their home in which they raised 4 lovely children in and mentored many others. Mr. Davis has exhausted every possible option available to him to obtain assistance through his insurance, but with hospice care now taken away, he has no choice but to step in as the primary caregiver until her passing while the world around him falls apart—quite literally. Not long ago, his roof caved in and without steady income, repairs will have to be put on hold so that he may tend to his wife. His family helps where they can, but faced with such grim circumstances he cannot afford to wait much longer for assistance that may not come. In the face of all this, Adrian continues to lend his time to mentorship for the next generation of boxers, even without a gym to call home. As someone who has given so much to the community, we ask now that the community find the heart to help Adrian and Brenda in their time of need. The goal of this fundraiser is geared toward transparency with respects to the family's privacy. We have retained a lawyer to receive the funds as an executor of the account to cut down on internal theft from the Davis family. Mr. VenRoy K. July Esq., a Baltimore attorney will oversee the allocation of whatever funds are collected in an effort to ensure that no financial foul play can interfere in the public's assistance of those in need. We thank you on the behalf of the Davis family and will keep you updated on Mrs. Davis' condition as permitted and best we can. Thank you all for your love and support.

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